About Us

What is the mission of NIJA?

National Independent Jewelers Association (NIJA) is dedicated to strengthening alliances between jewelry professionals through building an ethical community. This community will strive to be a platform that would enable one another to be financially successful and stable, enhance networking opportunities, provide leadership development, collaborate on innovative ideas and share best practices. Together we build, together we grow, together we become stronger

What is the vision of NIJA?

NIJA has been established to bring Ismaili Jewelry retailers together. This association was formed to increase profitability for members. Profitability can be increased by, but not limited to, improving buying power to reduce the cost of goods, better-negotiated finance rates, reduced credit card processing fees and other services offered by vendors. We also will bring education and training to our members so they may run businesses efficiently and ethically. One of the goals of NIJA is to improve the quality of life of our underprivileged members in the community by offering classes to develop skills related to the jewelry industry. With these newly acquired skills, they will then be placed into businesses within the association.

WHY NIJA formed?

The collective membership strength of individual jewelers will promote:
I. Financial benefits in the form of savings on expenses reduced costs through bulk buying and rebates
II. Educational & training will improve the quality of life of our underprivileged segment by placing them in suitable jobs within the member
circles and benefits via access to industry experts, certifications/courses, sharing best practices among members, etc
III. Innumerable other benefits that come with enhanced collective strength and bargaining power in the form of stability and success,
resources to ride and survive the unpredictable economic cycles
IV. Social benefits: It will promote unity, understanding and better communications within members and community as a whole. Eventually, all these will lead to the prosperity and growth of the entire community.

Who is NIJA?

NIJA is an association of traders/owners who are Ismailis in the USA, engaged in the retail business of Finished Jewelry, Watches, Loose Diamonds,
Bridals, fashion jewelry and/or similar accessories.